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We like to think we have a unique style of shields and work with you to get your perfect result.

We work with lots of different and unique styles. We have created light shields, where a LARP safe neon light is mounted into your shield. 

Above is an example of our unique Mirrored Shield, utilising Larp safe mirror material.

If you have an unusual or unique idea for a shield, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.


A recent addition to our repertoire is the ability to construct armour, using either foam, leather or for the Orcs amongst you, custom made fur and leather.

Work with our artists or artisans to achieve a perfect result. Armour is a new service we offer. Our team of leatherworkers and artists will liaise and work with you to achieve a unique look. Whatever your concept, contact us and we will be happy to help.


As with most of our weapons we specialise in unique designs. We can construct your Larp prop to suit your requirements from Stab safe to strike surface weapons.

We work with a range of tools and techniques, from Cutters, CNC machines, 3d printers and Laser engravers to achieve what you want for your bespoke weapon. To date, there has been no design too complex for the Goblins..

Whilst we do specialise in custom and unique orders, we are more than willing to create a bespoke range or multiple weapons for a specific group's identity in whatever LARP system you play.


We are Happy to announce we have launched our own Kids range of larp products,

first premiered at What's your game expo.

We all wish we had started Larpin'g as kids as it opens a world of imagination and fun! At Twisted Goblins we feel there is not enough out there for kids (and the cost to parents!). We have created a range of affordable child sized and suitably weighted weapons for little hands.

We have our own costume department to facilitate children's immersion, with cloaks for those cold nights. We also offer a return service on the costumes where you get discount as your child grows out of one and needs another size.

Continuing with our overall ethos, the costume is reasonably and affordably priced in the first instance.


A recent addition to our repertoire is our new clothing range We recently teamed up with a new seamstress and incorporated her ethos into Twisted Goblin Armouries.

Work with our designers to achieve that perfect look for your LARP Character.  We do everything from upscyling, Restoration and full custom.

Our new range consists of many different styles from Medieval, Renaissance, Middle eastern and Oriental. There is also plently of clothing perfect for children which ties in nicley with our Twisted Goblin kids range,

Feel free to look at the shop for some truley unique peices or get in touch for more info.

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